Warning About Labels

Emotional Recovery — Warning: Labels May Make the Problem Worse!

I read a very good article recently that made insightful points for people with (or trying to understand) Complex PTSD. However, I had one important difference with the author’s take.

I’m not a doctor or a psychologist. But I take issue with her repeated referring to C-PTSD as a “disease”. I refer to it as a “condition”. Professionals in the field also refer to it as a disorder or an anxiety disorder.

Official definitions can be important but sometimes they can amount to damaging labels. A “disease” makes it sound like something very hard if not impossible to overcome.
Calling C-PTSD (or other forms of emotional distress and reaction) a disease places an added burden on the person who is experiencing it. Even if a psychologically-induced burden.

The person is already dealing with the trauma. They may be dealing with repeated recollections and feelings of past abuse – actually re-experiencing the abuse as though it is still happening (as with C-PTSD).

Having been involved with someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a Sociopath, a Psychopathic Liar, a Sexual Addict or a combination of these can result in emotional abuse, often of a severe variety.

Such experiences can produce great trauma, including to an extent of a person having C-PTSD.

An intense emotional reaction is a normal experience for people who are caring, empathetic, sensitive. Extreme traumatic situations can cause someone who is less sensitive to undergo serious and prolongued emotional pain and distress as well. Calling the victim diseased is no help as they struggle to recover from the abuse or other trauma.

For those who are traumatized (whether with C-PTSD or not), don’t give up. It takes time to heal and truly put it in the past. And there are many steps that can be taken to combat it — and ultimately, to conquer it.

Don’t allow labels to slow you down in reclaiming your life.

Forge ahead, step-by-step!

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