Powerful Resource for Recovery

Powerful Resource for Recovery: How I’m Getting My Life Back!

What happened to me involved unspeakable, horrible acts. I’ve worked so hard to overcome it. But my recovery process has been slow and very difficult. A powerful resource has come into my life that is helping me move forward.

For what feels like “forever” I’ve been suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome), depression and severe anxiety. It’s been a lonely, utterly discouraging and constantly uphill battle.

So finding ANY thing that can be of ANY help whatsoever in this gloomy and life-draining situation is a blessing.

The resource that I’m now onto is easy to use, inexpensive and HIGH impact. Actually, I used to use it a long time ago with astonishing results. Too bad it didn’t come back to me until recently – but I’m so grateful that it has.

Don’t be deterred by the name of it, as most people don’t know what it really means. Even though it’s a method of helping people that’s been around for a very long time, over a century in fact.

A form of “self hypnosis”, it has a long track record of successful results. Scientifically-based, proven-effective results.

Professional hypnotists are available by appointment. But the self-help version of self-hypnosis has been much more effective for me. Because I can access it, in recorded form (MP3, CD, DVD, cassette), at any time. I can listen and benefit from it whenever I want. Making a one-time small purchase is also much better than having to pay each time I want or need the support.

Self-hypnosis is actually a means of changing a person’s habits – their outlook, beliefs, thinking and behaviors. By exposing oneself to the messages contained in recordings, usually for about a month, new habits are formed. Changing one’s habits is the number one way to change (and dramatically improve) a person’s life.

Such change is possible because the focus is on the subconscious mind – and the subconscious mind never sleeps. It’s like a sponge taking in whatever information it’s exposed to and using that information “behind the scenes” — in ways that support us OR detract from our lives.

The recordings are a tool for taking charge of our lives and directing our focus (both subconscious and conscious) in ways that bring invaluable support.

I’m also grateful to have found a company that leads the field in self-hypnosis recordings and whose programs are amazingly effective. Each program includes a self-hypnotic session where you listen to the soothing voice of the hypnotist (and usually do so at night or in a place of relaxation because it will typically put the listener to sleep) as well as a subliminal version where words are interlaced beneath the sounds of comforting music or the ocean (and these lack suggestions for sleep so they can be listened to at any time or place).

Programs are also available on a wide range of self-help topics. Many of them are relevant to emotional recovery. Topics of stress, anxiety, abuse, self-healing, insomnia and creating happiness are just a few examples.

I chose two to start with in dealing with my current circumstance. They’re on topics that wouldn’t seem to be the most obvious of choices: “The Joy of Exercise” and “Money Prosperity”. They’ve each turned out to be perfect for me.

Exercise can be about the last thing a person who is depressed wants to do. That been true for me for sure. But exercise is a crucial part of emotional recovery. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream making a person feel better both emotionally and physically. Exercise involves expending energy – but it creates more energy than it uses and makes a person want to do more, to be more active, more involved with various activities. It can be a pathway to reconnecting with self and others. And it certainly is good for, and vital to, one’s health and well-being.

Through listening to this recording I’ve gained a desire to exercise and a commitment to it without having to push myself at all. Instead, it’s pulled me into action. It’s created a new set of behaviors that is getting better and better each day.

The other recording, “Money Prosperity”, is much more about creating a bountiful prosperous life than it is about money. It addresses a range of barriers that can stand in the way of ultimate success in life, including emotional well-being and peace of mind. Money can also become a serious issue for those who have encountered emotional trauma and debilitation. I was drawn to this recording for that reason. But it goes so much further and in a way that for me has been both encouraging and nurturing.

As with other products and services, the source makes all the difference and the source I’ve tapped is extraordinary. CLICK image below to find out more – and know that this resource is one of the most powerful ways available to bring about positive, lasting change.