Changing Who I Am

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my “identity” has just been stolen!!


Something I’ve dreaded for years. Kind of like the TV ads that try to strike the fear into viewers about how awful it is to get Shingles and how high the incidence of it is. The Identity Theft ads likewise point to all of the terrible impacts when this happen and the growing threat of it happening to you!

I’ve been so very careful that I didn’t expect it to happen to me. But, as pointed out by a professional involved in the case, multiple entities have our social security numbers and/or other personal information (bank account numbers, as found on our checks; credit card numbers; etc.) and some people who work for these places even get paid by the “bad guys” to pass the information along.

Why is this relevant for this Blog? Because the disordered perpetrator in my personal life affected me in drastic ways that have greatly changed my physical appearance (in a bad way) AND taken away major parts of who I was as a person. He, in effect, stole my identity way worse than any two-bit thief (or a sophisticated cyber-crimer) could do. Qualities that I so valued in myself seem to have all but disappeared. And I no longer feel like Me.

One quality that I still have, though, is a desire to be of support to others. And that got me thinking about this Blog and this perspective:
Maybe the Identity Thief did me a favor. By causing me to consider the importance of recapturing and rebuilding my personal identity.

The feeling of that pretty profound idea hasn’t yet hit me. But the realization of the opportunity has. And that’s a place to start.


He may have crushed me to the ground (he DID). But I and I alone am in charge of who I am and what I think and feel about myself. It’s time to give this opportunity a real chance.

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