This Website is about “sharing the light”. No matter what you’ve experienced or been through, there can be light ahead … if you choose it.

My goal is to provide options, resources and real life experiences aimed at helping others avoid or recover from the damage caused by habitual liars and cheats.

While any lie or betrayal can be hurtful, my focus is on the pain and other damage caused by individuals who are “emotional abusers”, engaged in habitual behaviors that inflict serious harm on others. Individuals who are unusually self-centered … those not concerned with their impacts on others … those who will keep on victimizing while hiding or denying any wrong-doing … and those who prey on others as part of their longstanding psychological needs.

Some of these individuals may be classified as narcissists, compulsive liars, psychopathic liars, sexual addicts, sociopaths or other related terms.

Victims typically don’t know what’s happening (while it’s happening and sometimes after the fact). They may or may not even sense that something is wrong — until it’s too late (or, in fewer cases, never). My story is meant to help those who have encountered victimizers or who have worried that they’ve been deceived but aren’t quite sure.The lies and manipulation encountered may also involve infidelity, as in my case.

I should say up-front, my degrees are not in psychology, psychiatry or mental health counseling. They’re in business-related fields. And I’ve had years of professional experience in life coaching, both personal and business.

But what’s most important and valuable on the subject of this Website is my life experience as a victim.

My story is unusual by virtue of the extent and complexity of lies and cheating that I’ve encountered, and for other reasons too. What’s good about that for you is that you’ll have the chance to gain lots of insights into the psychology of liars and cheats, their behaviors, the impacts on others (beyond what you may realize) and options for freeing oneself from further harm and damage.

It’s true that we each have to do the work to find our own way through such experiences. At the same time, having others who we trust … and resources that we can rely on … can make all the difference.

I welcome being such a resource. And you have my pledge of Truth, Honor, Sincerity and Commitment that anything I say through this site (and elsewhere) will be aimed at supporting a better life for those who entrust me as part of their “support system”.

Thank you for visiting this site and read on for more details.